Why is it Recommend to Sketch on Canvas Before Painting?

Many artists use a pencil to sketch on canvas before painting. Pencils are great because they can be erased easily, and they allow you to block in basic shapes and figure out proportions. Sketching your painting on canvas can help you find your own style and develop your skills in a more efficient way. Below are some tips to use pencils on canvas. These can help you get started with a beautiful and detailed painting.

The first thing you should do when sketching on canvas is draw a rough outline of the composition. Do not press too hard on the pencil, and use gentle strokes to create your sketch. You should be able to erase any mistakes you make as you go along. When sketching your painting, you can use a reference photo or painting to get a sense of proportion and size. If you are painting from life, it is helpful to sketch in the big points of the piece to get an overall idea of how it will look like.

A good pencil can make all the difference in a painting. An H-grade pencil is the best for sketching on canvas. A 3H or 4H pencil will have less smudging potential. To protect your sketch, use fixative spray or acrylic matte medium before painting. If you choose a more transparent painting method, it is important to avoid pencil lines. Make sure you read about the best pencil for sketching on canvas on our Resources Page.

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