Why is Abstract Art Difficult to Understand?

Abstract art is often difficult to understand and elicits various feelings from the viewer. This is because it doesn’t look like anything and doesn’t include any easily recognisable objects. As a result, the viewer is free to interpret the work as they see fit. It may make you feel happy, calm, dismal, or confused, depending on how you view it. There are no rules or preconceived ideas when it comes to abstract art, so you can simply look at it and feel however you want to.

Many modernist paintings are difficult to comprehend, but they can look pretty. Many modernist paintings are similar to a Rorschach test, where the blobs of paint look random and don’t represent anything real. While they may look random, they are actually very beautiful. It’s the process of blending colors and forming patterns that makes abstract modern art so appealing.  It’s also difficult to replicate these marks because they aren’t easily reproduced.

When interpreting abstract art, it’s important to understand that the artist has a foundation in drawing and painting. Although they may look like they are simply splashing paint, they had rigorous training in drawing and composition. These foundational skills helped them make some of the most beautiful abstract art. By allowing viewers to make their own interpretations of the piece, the artist can create a more immersive experience for the viewer.

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