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What Does Gamification in Education Suggest?

If Gamification in Education sounds intriguing, read on. Its purpose is to make learning more fun and engaging. However, there are many questions surrounding the potential benefits and drawbacks of the method. Let’s discuss two examples:

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The hallmark element of contemporary gaming is its ability to continuously motivate and engage students. Research has looked into the effect of gamification on learning. Some researchers have found a variety of answers, while others have claimed that gamification can increase academic achievement. It is helpful to remember that not all students learn the same way, and students with attention and focus issues might find it easier to tackle engaging topics. Other students with skill building issues might shy away from challenging exercises until they realize the value webtoon.

One aspect of gamification that hasn’t been adequately addressed is motivation. In education, there is a widespread misconception that motivation is unitary. In reality, motivation can be shaped by a specific activity. A successful activity in one educational context may not necessarily translate to success in another. However, research suggests that gamification can improve motivation. For example, Su & Cheng’s study showed that students who completed a math problem with gamification had higher levels of motivation than students who didn’t play the game.

While the review of the literature suggests that gamification has numerous benefits, it lacks an adequate theoretical framework. The results from fifteen different studies cannot be used to draw definite conclusions about the effectiveness of gamification. The outcomes reported by twelve studies are encouraging, but they only cover specific activities and combinations of game elements. There is little evidence to support a generalization. So, if you’re interested in learning more about gamification in education, start reading!

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