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Griffin Gaming Partners is an investment firm that specializes in gaming companies, with a focus on creating value through growth and M&A. They are currently investing in a number of portfolio companies, including Primack Axios, which is one of the fastest growing independent video game companies. The company’s latest game is a social adventure that is set in a futuristic world.


Griffin Gaming Partners is a gaming venture capital firm. The firm was launched in November 2019. Its fund is aimed at investing in social games, esports, and late-stage game companies. This fund has over $1 billion in assets under management.

One of the fund’s investments is Irvine-based N3twork. In addition, the firm has made investments in Frost Giant and Wave.

It has also invested in a new media startup founded by Quartz co-founders and Battery Ventures. Currently, the fund is preparing to launch a web3-enabled mobile game.

The fund is managed by Peter Levin. Before founding Griffin, he was a senior executive at Lionsgate Interactive Ventures.


Griffin Gaming Partners is a venture firm that invests in companies in the gaming, social, and software infrastructure sectors. It is a fund that is led by Peter Levin, a former Lionsgate Interactive Ventures executive.

The company has a robust track record in the video game industry, and has backed a number of games, social platforms, and web 3 gaming startups. They have invested in companies such as N3Twork, Wave, and Frost Giant.

As the gaming industry continues to grow, a new breed of gaming VCs has emerged. They have built their business models around intelligence, proven teams, and data-driven analysis. Some of these firms have a track record of supporting companies that have gone on to do big things.


With a portfolio of more than $1 billion in assets under management, gaming focused venture capital firm Griffin Gaming Partners has the financial resources to help new entrants in the industry navigate the current market. The firm focuses on software infrastructure and content.

The gaming industry has experienced a surge in popularity in recent years, fueled by shifting entertainment consumption habits worldwide. As a result, gaming revenues are expected to surpass $218 billion by 2024.

As a leading venture capital fund for the gaming industry, Griffin has invested in more than 12 companies. These include Latitude, Wizard, SuperSocial, and Tactile Games.

The firm also invests in other gaming-related services and tools, including ancillary platforms. Through its investments, the firm hopes to build an intelligence-based and data-driven strategy that will help scale gaming businesses.

Growth of the industry

The growth of the gaming industry has been nothing short of remarkable. It’s a global industry whose revenues are expected to reach $218 billion by 2024. Aside from the usual suspects, investment firms like LionTree have hopped on the bandwagon. Several of these startups have garnered headlines in their own right, including Irvine based Frost Giant and Toronto based Gamelounge. Interestingly enough, a handful of these companies were previously funded by the likes of venture capital titans like Fidelity, Tiger Global, and GV. As with any newfound wealth, these companies have a vested interest in maintaining a healthy and active ecosystem.

In the same vein as the aforementioned VCs, many of these firms have taken to funding other, more creative studios in the hopes of sparking a new wave of innovation. One notable example of this is LionTree’s recent bet on N3twork, a San Francisco based studio that has produced a number of successful games for a variety of platforms, notably the PC and console arenas.

M&A deals fueling the game industry

The gaming industry is a hotbed for M&A deals. The video game industry has received $240 billion in investment since 2019, and the number of acquisitions and mergers is expected to increase significantly in the next five years.

M&A activity is a booming business, as investors realize that the video game industry is in need of global scale. As a result, several tech giants, including Microsoft, are swooping in. These companies are most likely to capitalize on the opportunities presented by their acquisitions.

Consolidation and innovation are key drivers behind the M&A frenzy. Consolidated studios can ensure stability while providing more content for fans. Similarly, the rise of subscription services can be seen as a boon to consumers.

Portfolio companies

Griffin Gaming Partners is a venture firm that invests in gaming-related companies. The fund focuses on early-stage to late-stage game businesses. It provides financial, strategic, and analytical support to these startups.

Its investment strategies include data, intelligence, and experience. The fund prefers to invest in social platforms and gaming-related software infrastructure.

Griffin’s investments have included Forte, Spyke Games, Overwolf, and messaging app Discord. Some of the firms the firm has invested in have received major funding, including the $185 million Series A round of Forte.

In addition to investments in games, the fund also invests in content creators. According to Newzoo, the global gaming market will increase 248% in the next five years.

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