Traveling With Your Pets This Holiday? Tips And Precautions You Should Know About

The holiday season is the best time of the year. But if you’re a pet owner, it can also be a stressful time of year. That’s because the holidays involve travel for many people, which means having to consider how your pets will handle traveling in general and whether or not they need any special accommodations for their trip. 

If you’re considering taking your dog or cat on an upcoming trip this season, then here are some tips that can help make sure your pet is safe and comfortable during their travels.

Take Your Pet To The Vet Before You Go

You need to make sure your pet is up-to-date on all his shots, especially rabies. If he hasn’t been vaccinated recently, talk with your vet about when he’ll need his next shot and schedule an appointment before leaving. Also, be sure that any medications or treatments are current. Some may need to be given at least two weeks prior to traveling so that they can take effect in time for travel. 

Keep a First-Aid Box Ready

If you’re bringing your pets on holiday with you, it’s a good idea to keep an emergency pet first aid kit in the car. If your pet happens to get injured or sick while traveling, having a first aid box handy will make it much easier for you to handle the situation. 

Therefore, you should make it a point to visit a pet care store before you set off on your journey. If you do not have the time to visit a store in person, then you can get these supplies from a well-trusted online store like PetCareRx as well. 

By getting your products from PetCareRx, you can rest assured that you will find everything that is on your shopping list. The store has everything related to pet care. A pet first aid kit contains items that can be used for treating injuries and illnesses in animals, as well as some tools that might not be readily available when traveling abroad. You won’t need to buy different products from different stores. These include:

  • Bandages and gauze pads
  • Antibiotic ointment 
  • Petroleum jelly 
  • Antiseptic solution

Keep Your Pet Hydrated

You’ve probably heard that dogs need a lot of water, and you may be wondering if your dog will be okay during your travels. If you’re traveling with a pet, make sure to pack extra water bottles. It’s always a better idea to have more than enough. Collapsible water bowls are a good choice for pets because they take up less space in your luggage when empty. 

A dog bottle that attaches to its belt is also an excellent choice for long walks or hikes. This will prevent you from carrying anything extra yourself. GlobeNewswire also suggests feeding your pets a raw diet to keep them hydrated. According to the report, dry kibble has 10% moisture content, and raw frozen pet food has 70% moisture content.

Plan Ahead

The best way to ensure a smooth trip for you and your pet is to plan ahead. Airline policies vary, so it’s important to check with them before booking. The same goes for hotels and other places you’ll be visiting. 

If you’re heading somewhere cold, keep in mind that your pet may not be used to colder temperatures and could get sick if he isn’t dressed appropriately. Also, check the weather forecast before setting out with your pets. If there are thunderstorms or heavy rain in the forecast, don’t take your dog out until things clear up.

Check Before You Book

Check if pets are allowed in your hotel. In some places, hotels may have strict rules that only allow certain breeds of dogs to stay. Some places don’t allow pets at all and will charge you a fee if you try to bring them with you.

Check if pets are allowed in the car rental agency’s vehicles. Some agencies will not rent out their cars to people who have pets since pet hair does not come off easily from leather seats or upholstery.

Check if your flight allows for non-human passengers among its passengers’ baggage allowance. Most airlines don’t allow animals on board their planes unless they’re traveling as cargo, and then only certain kinds of animals qualify for this treatment. 

So make sure yours does before booking tickets. And keep in mind that airlines might change their policies without warning, so it’s best to double-check beforehand just to be sure nothing will go wrong once we’re miles away from home.

Finally, check if your destination allows animals into their country at all. Some countries have very strict laws surrounding allowing foreign animals into the country because of health concerns or other issues such as rabies outbreaks. Others do not permit any type of animal importation whatsoever except under very strict conditions. According to Lonely Planet, Los Angeles is one of the best pet-friendly travel destinations in the US. 

Safety First

There’s no denying that pets are the most adorable creatures on Earth. But when you travel with them, you have to make sure you follow certain precautions. You don’t want your pet to get injured or lost, so it is best not to let them roam around freely. In the wake of rising pet-theft cases in the UK, the government is reported to introduce a new law that is set to criminalize pet theft. This calls for extra attention on your part when it comes to your pet’s safety.

Also, don’t leave your pet unattended in a car even for a few minutes, as it might lead to overheating issues and can cause serious damage if left inside for long periods of time. Don’t leave your pet alone in a hotel room either because there could be strangers who come knocking on the door at any point in time, and this might scare away your animal friend. 

Pack Pet Essentials

You’re going to want to pack everything you need for your pet’s comfort, as well. This means making sure that your pet has enough food and water for the trip, as well as a bowl or two to use during travel. You should also bring along treats that are appropriate for the size and age of your pet, along with anything else they might like, such as toys or blankets. 

A quick visit to online pet stores could be great when it comes to buying and packing travel essentials for your pet. Stores like PetCareRx also have a separate pet travel section that takes care of your pet’s travel essentials. 


Whether you’re taking a road trip or flying with your pets, there are precautions you can take to make sure your furry friends have a safe and happy holiday. We hope that you found these tips helpful and are able to enjoy your holiday season with the pets in your life.

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