The Game Changer in WW1

If you’ve always wondered what made WW1 so difficult, the answer is the Schlieffen Plan. This plan allowed Germany to invade France and Belgium and push them back on August 14, 1914. Britain’s entry into the war and the subsequent victory of the French forces sparked a renewed interest in the topic. By 1918, Britain had joined the French and British forces in their struggle for Europe. This alliance was known as the Triple Entente taraftarium24.

When the Germans introduced the Mark IX tank, they weren’t quite finished. The first prototype of the tank broke down before it reached the front line, and only fifteen survived the battle. Fortunately, there were some that did make it out to the enemy’s defenses. The tank changed the face of land warfare forever, but not before it broke the stalemate on the Western Front. It’s impossible to say whether the tanks won the war, but they certainly changed the way the war was fought.

The Germans wanted to remove Russia from the conflict, so they arranged for Lenin’s return from exile in a sealed train. Lenin’s slogan of “peace” appealed to tired Russians. The uprising that followed, known as July Days, led to the fall of the Provisional Government and the Bolsheviks seizing power. There is no doubt that WW1 changed the face of the world forever.

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