“Old face” risk behavior

Time to look in the mirror Have you ever noticed your own skin and where the traces of experience have gone? Some people are not that old But the facial skin is far ahead of the real age. The main cause that makes the face look old before it should all come from various activities that we do in our daily life.

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So let’s have a look at some behaviors that make your face age faster. If you are doing these behaviors need to urgently fix it before I can’t go back until eventually becoming an aunt from a young age

1. Not taking care of yourself

If you are someone who uses your body carelessly. vegamovies It is not unusual for the body to deteriorate prematurely, such as drinking less water. When the body does not get enough water, it will dry out the skin. wrinkles easily lack exercise that will help keep your skin glowing and healthy. Not enough rest The body is not fully restored. Smoking due to the nicotine in cigarettes can cause wrinkles on the face. rough skin and make the face dull This behavior not only makes the face old only. but also damages other health aspects

2. Food

I believe that many people know that eating habits play a part in making the face look older than age. Both eating unhealthy food, drinking alcohol and drinking caffeinated beverages including eating sweet food All have the effect of dehydrating the skin, wrinkles and wrinkles easily, so if you do not want to get old quickly.  f95zone Should turn to eating foods that contain antioxidants. which is often found in fruits and vegetables It is also rich in vitamins and minerals that help stimulate collagen production in the skin. Make the skin smooth, soft, firm, and look younger than that digitalnewshour.

3. Stress

Stress doesn’t just affect your mental health. Physical health is also affected no less. Because people who are stressed tend to make a wrinkled face. sullen all the time Including stress also causes abnormal hormonal balance. The hormones are important biochemical substances that help regulate the functions of various organs in the body if we have accumulated stress. The adrenal glands secrete an increase in the hormone cortisol. To stimulate the response of cells in the body to malfunction as well. and also stimulates the liver to produce sugar Because the body will need more energy during stress masstamilan.

4. The behavior of not caring about one’s own skin.

Behavior that harms the face is organized make-up Makeup so often that your face doesn’t rest at all. not clean Do not forget that cosmetics are synthetic chemicals. Can harm sensitive skin. or never apply a facial cream including not applying sunscreen when out in the sun Since wrinkles and fine lines can be caused by up to 90 percent of the sun’s rays, it causes premature aging of the face. wash your face thoroughly And should be a habit of applying sunscreen. even if not exposed to direct sunlight odishadiscoms

5. Choose a good anti-aging cream.

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