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Dan Primack is the president and co-founder of Axios, a prominent online news outlet that covers a wide range of topics from politics to sports. Before joining Axios, he was a reporter for Politico. During that time, he covered the Bush and Obama administrations.

About Dan Primack

Axios is an interesting site for a number of reasons. They have a snazzy newsroom, but more importantly they have a good product in the form of their email newsletter. As a bonus, they have over 35 million subscribers and a slew of notable names in the business space, such as the likes of Jeff Bezos, Larry Ellison, and countless other execs who are all too happy to share their wares with the masses. Basically, if you are in the market for a business newsletter, or need to do a media buy, they are the people to call. Not to mention, they can be the cheapest compared to the alternatives. For more information on how they can help you, check out their website today.

You should also take a look at their list of speakers, and their impressive line up of events. As a matter of fact, they have a full calendar year of event coverage, which is pretty cool if you can get a good deal.


The Axios website is a popular destination for people in the business community, and Dan Primack is a savvy media exec who is known for his business writing chops. He is currently the business editor at the site and the author of the Daily Pro Rata newsletter. While he has been known to throw in a few oddball articles here and there, his business coverage and newsletters are probably his best bet.

For one thing, the Pro Rata newsletter is a lot of fun. Its focus on the mergers and acquisitions biz is a breath of fresh air in a news-starved world. One of the highlights of the Axios site is its podcast, Re:Cap, which features interviews with luminaries such as Peter Thiel and Michael Bloomberg. Interestingly enough, the site also has a national political correspondent, Jonathan Swan, who gained a bit of a following after securing on-camera sitdowns with President Trump.

While the Pro Rata is a fun read, it does not always offer a comprehensive view of the world. With an audience that skews heavily towards the finance and tech sectors, it may be time to re-brand or relocate the Axios brand to a more appropriate venue.

Career at Axios

Dan Primack is a prominent business journalist who works for Axios. He is the author of a popular newsletter that focuses on mergers and acquisitions, and is one of the most prominent columnists in Silicon Valley. In fact, he is so well-known that he is followed by the chief executive officers of some of the companies he covers.

Primack is currently working as a business editor for Axios. His previous career includes stints at Fortune and Reuters. Currently, he writes a daily newsletter, Pro Rata, and hosts the Axios Re:Cap podcast. And he also discusses private equity investment news, venture capital, and SPACs.

Before starting at Axios, Primack worked as a senior editor for the Term Sheet and Private Placement Letter at Fortune. He also covered debt in his former career. But he didn’t want to focus on private debt for a second time, so he left Fortune. Then he founded Pro Rata. This newsletter provides insider views on deals, and is a popular way to learn about the private equity and venture capital industries.


Dan Primack is the business editor for Axios. His previous jobs included being a senior editor at Fortune and editor-at-large for Reuters. Now, he writes a daily newsletter for Axios called Pro Rata. In this podcast, Primack hits on a variety of topics, from mergers and acquisitions to the latest in technology.

The show features global business leaders as well as influential political operators, including Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, co-chairs of the Campaign to End Qualified Immunity. They discuss huge wage gaps and how economic inequities between Black and white Americans are affecting America.

Other topics include the latest in technology, the collision of tech and business, and the world of dealmakers. Along with his regular guests, Primack will take listeners inside accelerating forces, including the digital divide, the 5G network, and the real income of corporate CEOs.

Axios has published many popular newsletters, but the podcast is expected to be the next logical step. Executive Editor Sara Kehaulani Goo has said that Axios is looking to “transform the way people consume information.” Listeners will have access to interviews with some of the top newsmakers in the country.

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