Benefits of period underwear over regular sanitary napkins

The word “lingerie” conjures up images of delicate undergarments, often with lace and ironed creases. But now, underwear made for women as they menstruate is also getting popular. The idea behind period underwear is that it helps women feel more comfortable and confident when they are menstruating. It also allows them to enjoy swimming and biking without worrying about stains or leakage. Here are some of its benefits over regular sanitary napkins.

More hygienic

Period underwear is made of breathable fabric that keeps your skin dry and comfortable throughout your period. This makes it much more hygienic than traditional sanitary napkins, which trap stinky bacteria in the crotch area and can cause rashes or odour if left on too long. Plus, if you’ve ever had to change a stained pad during an important meeting or date night out with friends, then you know how uncomfortable that can be. The fact that it doesn’t contain any absorbency means there’s no risk of stains—no matter how much blood flows through your body during urdughr menstruation.


You can also save money using this underwear. Generally, the cost of a pair of reusable period panties is less than a pack of disposable sanitary napkins.

Additionally, by opting to use reusable products like cloth pads and menstrual cups instead of disposable ones, you’ll reap more savings in the long run because these items do not need replacing every month or two (depending on the frequency with which you have your periods). The money saved can then be invested in other things that matter more to you.


  • Your underwear can be reused, washed and dried.
  • They can be composted.
  • They can be recycled.

These three processes will reduce your carbon footprint, which means you will not contribute to landfill waste as much when using this underwear over traditional sanitary napkins.


The best thing about this underwear is that you can wear it during your period and when you are not on your period. This means that the underwear would be more convenient than regular sanitary napkins since the wearer can use them for swimming, exercising and other activities. This product might interest you if you are into swimming or even just taking a dip in the pool occasionally.


There are many benefits of this underwear over traditional sanitary napkins. One of the most important reasons is that they are comfortable and feel like regular underwear, unlike bulky sanitary pads or tampons that make you feel uncomfortable every time you wear them. These products are made from soft materials that provide comfort and allow air to pass through easily, so you don’t sweat as much as you would when wearing a pad or tampon. This makes it easier for you to stay active without experiencing any discomfort in your private area.

Another great thing about these products is that they are easy to wear and remove. Compared with tampons, which require insertion into the vagina with applicators, using period panties is more convenient because there’s no need for extra equipment.

You can wear period underwear to take care of your menstrual needs.

This is especially useful for those who do not carry sanitary napkins or tampons with them at all times and for those who want to avoid disposable pads, even during their periods. It provides the same level of comfort and security as regular sanitary napkins. However, it requires less than half the water needed to clean a pad (about 25 ml), making it more environmentally friendly than traditional alternatives.


A lot of women are still using sanitary napkins for their monthly cycle, and this is because they do not know about the other options available. There is no doubt that these products are convenient to use, but they come with many health issues, such as rashes, infections etc. Most doctors recommend using period panties instead of regular pads because it’s more hygienic and eco-friendly celebritylifecycle.

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