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4 Different Saucepans Every Cooking Aficionado Needs

Cooking is one of the most relaxing and therapeutic activities, and those who love to cook know this. It helps you focus and be in the moment, and the joy of feeding others is indescribable. 

There’s another thing that gives cooks more joy than anything else, and that is buying various kinds of utensils. Even the humble saucepan has varieties, each serving a different purpose, and each is made with a different material. If you love cooking, then this list is helpful for you. Keep reading to find out the different types of materials used to make these pans so you can fetch the perfect one for yourself. 

#1 Stainless Steel Pans

These are among the most common pans in the market today. They are highly durable and, as the name suggests, corrosion-resistant. They are widely used across the globe due to their easy accessibility and affordability. They are easier to maintain and, if damaged, can be purchased easily. The only drawback is that you cannot cook oil-free in them. Moreover, cleaning might be challenging if things get stuck at the bottom of the pan. 

#2 Non-Stick Pans 

This variety is taking over other traditional forms of cookware because of how convenient and easy it is to use. Non-stick pans are made with a base like aluminium, and a non-stick coating is applied on top with materials such as Teflon or stratanium. The pan’s surface becomes non-sticky, so one can cook without scrubbing its bottom when washing it. As such, they are highly durable and are perfect for those who want to healthier since you can cook without putting too much oil. And one must only remember to buy a good-quality non-stick saucepan since a cheaper one will lose its non-stick coating much quicker than a more expensive one. 

#3 Enamel Pans

If you’re looking for a beautiful and stylish saucepan, choose enamel pans. Enamelling cast iron pans usually make it. They are very smooth and hard, so they will last a long time if handled correctly. It also provides a non-stick surface, which makes cooking easier. It can be more expensive than others, but it is still an excellent investment if you want cookware that can be used as serving ware as well. 

#4 Ceramic Pans

If you’re looking for something more sustainable and eco-friendly, then go for ceramic pans. They are beautiful and come in a variety of designs, which can make cooking a gratifying experience. You can also use it as cook-and-serve ware. Ceramic pans won’t let out any harmful chemicals when cooking, either. However, they are very delicate and must be handled with utmost care. It can be used once in a while, but it may not be ideal for everyday use. 

The cookware industry is coming up with innovations every day, trying to make cooking more efficient and trouble-free. The dishes you cook matter a lot, so choosing what to buy is a major task. You can take your time and look through different options before selecting one. You can also check for the different kinds of cookware basics to make your kitchen experience more fulfilling. Cooking, after all, should be fun, and it’s always exciting to add a new bauble to the collection of your favourite cookware starwikibio.

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